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3 Creative ways to improve your hotel website, using digital maps

Location plays a vital role in the decision-making process of your guests. People make bookings based on how close they want to be to transfer points, travel times to nearby towns, but most importantly, based on the facilities, restaurants, and attractions in their neighborhood or area. This creates an opportunity to educate your potential guests about what your town, neighbourhood, or even street has to offer.

With Springnest map pages, you can easily build your own interactive map concierge for your visitors. Below we’ve shared three creative ways to use your location as a selling point.

1. Plot your own tourist route

Depending on your target market, your guests will likely be interested in a specific type of experience or product during their travels. Find opportunities to build your own themed tourist route, based on a specific product or experience.

From the Springnest Community:

Mountain View Manor is surrounded by a string of popular wine farms in the Hermanus area. They used their Map page to show that their guest house is the perfect base for a wine-weekend breakaway.

2. Embrace your inner foodie. Build a restaurant concierge.

The Foodie Traveller community is growing exponentially. No longer are guests only interested to know that there is a restaurant in close proximity to where they’re staying, they’ll also go over and beyond to sniff out the most mouth-watering and instagram-worthy locations. Meet them halfway, and capitalise on your neighbourhood’s best food spots.

From the Springnest Community:

Stellenbosch, located about 30 minutes from Cape Town, is a culinary mecca. Bonne Esperance Guest House integrates this with their marketing strategy with a dedicated restaurant guide page on their Springnest site, paired with a Map page, showing the walking distance of the restaurants from their property.

3. Lend a helping hand, become a neighborhood expert

Apart from attractions and places to eat, your guests also need practical travel advice while planning their trips. This could include information on public transport options, or nearby services like ticket counters, or even a laundromat (depending on your in-house facilities)

From the Springnest Community:


Que Tal Hostel is located in one of Brazil’s up-and-coming neighborhoods in Sao Paulo. A majority of their guests are backpacking through the city, and information on public transport and general services is really useful, and impact their decision of where to stay, or not to. Carlos and his team mapped out their neighborhood, proving that Que Tal has central access to all the facilities a backpacking guest might need.

Learn How to add markers to your map page

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