Boost Website Traffic
Boost Website Traffic

5 Clever hotel website updates that will take less than 15 minutes

If part of your 2016 marketing goals include more website visitors, and more direct bookings, be sure to plan for regular updates of your website’s content and offers. One of Springnest’s most important values is to make digital marketing quick and easy – keeping your site fresh with relevant and inspirational content, shouldn’t be a full time task.

To kick your website into gear for the new year, we’ve put together 5 simple tasks, that you can easily include in your daily workflow:

Upload new photographs, and show them off (approx. 5 minutes)

Dig into archive of the past year, and choose the best 5 – 10 photos of your property. They can be part of a professional shoot, photos that your guests took, or even your own. Add them to your gallery page, and select the best ones for your home page’s top banner.

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Draw attention with a Special Offer or Promotion (approx. 10 minutes)

Special offers and promotions can draw a visitor’s attention, keep them on your website for longer, and if planned right, convert looks to bookings in a flash. Plan a couple of promotions you can run through the first quarter of the year, and update them regularly. Don’t forget to share them to your social media channels too.

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Blog, blog, blog some more (approx. 15 for a short post)

We’ve seen excellent blog post from the Springnest community in 2015. From wildlife photography, to city guides, and even ghost stories. What separates effective blog post a from ones that do not see a lot of traffic or virality, is the relevance of the story for your target audience. Set a challenge for yourself to think about your ideal guests, and what they would be interested to know about your property or destination, prior to travelling. Write short, to-the-point, articles about that, at least once a month.

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Update your Online Map Concierge (approx. 5-15 Minutes)

Your website visitors want to know more than just your street address, and good directions. They also want to know which attractions, services, activities, restaurants, and shopping spots are located in walking and driving distance from your property. With your Springnest map page you can build an online concierge, tailored for your visitors, using your expert local knowledge about your destination.

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Update your Guest Book/or add a new TripAdvisor badge (approx. 5 Minutes)

According to a recent study by, 95% of travellers report using travel reviews regularly to make booking decisions. Using the feedback and experiences of your past guests to influence the perception and decisions of your website visitors is crucial. Two simple ways of doing this is to update your guestbook with recent, exceptional reviews, or two re-consider and update the TripAdvisor Widget you are displaying on your site.

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