Boost Website Traffic
Boost Website Traffic

5 Blog Ideas for Hotels, Guesthouses and B&B’s

A blog can function as a personal, warm and inviting side of your establishment’s online marketing and communication strategy. Contrary to the more practical and factual information found on the rest of your website (rates, amenities, services, location etc.), a blog enables you to truly speak to your target market and to serve them with sharable information.

With this said, it is crucial to regularly post new content, keeping your blog alive and relevant (in some cases an outdated blog could do more harm than good).

Below we’ve outlined five content ideas to help you get the most from your blogging:

1. Your blog as an online concierge

Bare in mind that travellers spend a lot of time browsing the web while planning a trip, well before they travel. Writing articles on local attractions, foodie hangouts and cultural must-sees could land you a respected spot in a potential guest’s Google search results during the trip research phase.

2. Leveraging local events

Here’s a thought: people who travel to attend an event in your area will most likely need a place to stay. Blogging about events could not only drive traffic to your website, it could also result in direct bookings.
Tip: Sweeten the deal by offering an exclusive promotion for event attendees and delegates.

3. Social and environmental responsibility

Do you recycle? Donate? Take action again rhino poaching? Your blog is a powerful platform for showing your contribution to society and the environment, which could lead to respect and valuable loyalty from your guests.

4. Turn your guests into celebrities

People depend on the experience and stories of others when making booking decisions. Real stories, by real people. Use your blog to write about your guests. Write about where they are from, why they visited your destination and what they did during their trip. Surely it’s not realistic or practical to write about every single guest, but it’s the principal that counts. Start by choosing one guest a month.

5. Guest blogging

If writing about your guests isn’t your thing, why not ask them to write about their experience themselves? Approach guests about writing a short article about their trip and experiences and ask them to send you a few our their favorite photos. This is a powerful way of making your guests feel valued. On top of that they are likely to share the post with their online communities, providing further reach and increased web traffic. If you really want to raise the bar, offer a future discount or complimentary voucher for their time and trouble.

We believe that good marketing tools only work the way they should when businesses understand how to use them, and more importantly, why they should be. We love creating intuitive and understandable guides, tutorials, and how-to‘s for our clients, whether they are only starting out with their Facebook Page, or plotting a content strategy or campaign.

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