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Boost Website Traffic

5 Reasons Why Your Tourism Business Needs To Work With Travel Bloggers

Before we look at how travel bloggers could improve your tourism business’ online marketing, let’s explain what a travel blogger is.

What do Travel Bloggers do?

Publishing travel content isn’t new, whether it happens in print or online. What separates travel bloggers from other content producers within the travel industry?

Travel bloggers share multimedia content on their own professional blogs, client’s blog and social media. Their content centres on their travel experiences, destinations,or adventures they take part in.

Travel bloggers cultivate a strong online presence through blogging and social media. On these platforms, they share their travel experiences with their audience, drive traffic and influence. Sometimes travel bloggers’ posts are commissioned by travel brands, destination marketing organisations or other travel businesses.

How Travel Bloggers Can Benefit Your Travel Business

1. Add An Authentic Voice

Travellers tend to be sceptical when confronted with marketing campaigns from travel or tourism businesses. There is a rising need amongst travellers for authentic stories from other travellers.

Matt Long from Landlopers sums up the role of travel in telling an authentic story to the traveller; “As a consumer, who knows what they say is real or not? Yeah, the hotel looks amazing on the web site, but what will it really be like when we arrive?…. Finally, there was an honest forum through which to make travel decisions without corporate or feel good PR rose colored glasses.” What is a travel blogger: Landlopers

Travel bloggers lend your an authentic voice to your tourism business’ online marketing campaigns. If you want to move away from a pitchy marketing campaign, then hiring a travel blogger is a great place to start.

2. Good Quality Content

“Travel blogs play an important role in crafting the attractiveness of the place, its people and the stories that shape its daily life, no matter what time of year.” On the effectiveness of Travel blogs by Social Media Today

With their experience and expertise, travel bloggers produce good quality content content with a longer shelf-life.

3. Exposure To New Markets

Through their strong online presence, travel bloggers develop a strong following amongst travel enthusiasts. It is this influence and reach that enables them to market tourism products effectively. To gain exposure to a new and larger market, borrow a travel blogger’s online influence.

4. Increase Your Social Media Reach

Travel bloggers gain more traction on campaigns on social media as they are regarded independent experts on travel/tourism products. The 2013 #MeetSA campaign by South African Tourism, which saw 15 international travel bloggers travelling around the country for 10 and sharing their experiences online, gained over 219-million impressions of the hashtag across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Bloggers back to #MeetSouthAfrica ahead of INDABA 2014 by South African Tourism

As more people are seeking travel inspiration on social media, travel bloggers’ opinions on social media are sought-after. To push engagement and conversations around your tourism business on social networks, work with travel bloggers.

5. Online Ambassadors

By working with travel bloggers, you are creating a team of online ambassadors for your tourism business. Travel bloggers engage are often asked for recommendations by other travellers. With their online influence, having travel bloggers sharing your establishment or tours online could boost your business reputation.

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