Springnest Client Stories
Springnest Client Stories

Client Story: Franschhoek Country House and Villas

  Franschhoek, South Africa

Franschhoek Country House and Villas is a prestigious 5 star property, located in the heart of the Franschhoek Valley. Situated on the outskirts of the Franschhoek Village, just 1km from the main town, it is an ideal base from which to indulge your tastes for fine wines and world class cuisine. Guests can choose between the original and charming Franschhoek Country House, or one of the Villas.
The property is also home to the award-winning Monneaux Restaurant. Even by the highest standards, Monneaux is an extra-ordinary success, having been in the country’s Top 100 list for six years consecutively, on the Top 10 list for two years and winning the American Express Platinum Award for fine dining.

“We have now built and listed no less than 5 websites with your team and want to thank you for the absolute pleasure this has been. We have experienced exemplary service in terms of turnaround, special requests being attended to and, within the template framework, satisfactory customisation.”

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“The end result are effective and professional websites, accessible on all devices and platforms which is extremely user-friendly ito of back-end “self-help” tools. We have found the service to be highly effective and certainly have no hesitation in recommending Springnest to interested parties”

Jean-Pierre Snyman, FCH

How the FCH Team Use Springnest

Special Offers to Sell and Cross-sell

Apart from long running offers like their “Local is Lekker” promotion, FCH have partnered with their sister brand, Shumbalala, to package “Wine, Dine and Big 5” combination offers.

Blog and Press Room with Springnest Articles

The FCH Blog not only serves as a Franschhoek Travel blog to drive website traffic, but also as a press room to showcase the property and restaurant’s exceptional media coverage.

NightsBridge Booking Integration

Franschhoek Country House and Villas use a NightsBridge booking widget and Book Now button to promote direct bookings.


Map Guide

Located in a tourism region that boasts with lifestyle and attractions, the FCH team use a Map page to show off what Franschhoek has on offer – from recommended dining, to museums and nature reserves.


Visit the Franschhoek Country House and Villas Website

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