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#iam4rhinos, Are You? 5 Rhino Anti-poaching Initiatives to Join

With World Rhino Day (22 September 2013) around the corner, Springnest decided to join the conversation around the endangered species. We, as a company, and some of our clients, feel strongly about the plight of the rhino. In support for the rhino anti-poaching effort, we have put together a list of five rhino initiatives worth supporting.

1. Kei Kubusi Conservation Area, Rhino Ambassador Stewardship Program

Kei Kubusi Conservation

Located near East London, Eastern Cape, Kei Kubusi Conservation Area offers a 12-week Rhino Ambassador Stewardship Program. The program seeks to educate and involve the public in the conservation of the black and white rhino. At the end of the program, after 10 hours of theory on rhino conservation, 60 hours of fieldwork and post-project fundraising work in support of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa Rhino Initiative, you will earn ambassador status. For more information, visit or email Tel: +27 43 738 5523.

2. WESSA Rhino Initiative

WESSA Rhino Initiative

Through its fundraising and awareness initiative, Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA) has had a great influence in the anti-poaching campaign. To pledge your support for WESSA’S Rhino Initiative fundraising effort, you can SMS “Rhino to 40706 or make a direct donation.
Visit for information on WESSA Rhino initiative, or contact Chris Galliers on +27 333 330 3931.

3. WWF Rhino RAID

Rhino Raid

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa has always been in the forefront of the rhino anti-poaching campaign. This time around the wildlife welfare association, has taken a radical stand in the fight against poaching. WWF-SA has created a game known as Rhino Raid, based on radical rhino known as Rad. Developed in April 2013, the game chronicles Rad’s battle against rhino poachers, and his journey in the African savannah in search for the syndicate kingpin who is feeding the Asian demand . Rhino Raid is available on Apple iTunes, Samsung App Store and Google Play for $1. Every sale of the game contributes to the WWF-SA anti-poaching work.
To find out more about Rhino Raid, visit Follow @PlayRhinoRaid on Twitter.

4. Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative

Forever Wild

Launched as part the Wilderness Foundation advocacy and aware campaign, The Forever Rhino Protection Initiative is concerned with maintaining rhino populations within state and privately-managed conservation areas. The initiative raises and distributes funds for anti-poaching activities such as canine units, four wheelers and a rhino-hotline.

For more information, visit or email
Tel: +27 41 373 0293.

5. Rhino Action Group Effort (RAGE)

Rage Rhino Group Effort

Set up by LEAD SA, Rhino Action Group Effort(RAGE) seeks to eradicate rhino poaching by raising and allocating funds to conservation areas. Under the supervision of KPMG, the initiative allocates funds to anti-poaching organisations in need. If you’re still uncertain about where to donate, RAGE is a great alternative.
For more information, visit or email

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