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Springnest feature update: Introducing Special Offers

“We are running special offers this month, how can I use Springnest to promote them?” – a question we’ve heard rather frequently over the past few months, and with good reason. Online promotions and offers are a proven ways to manage occupancy, attract a new market segment, or promote a new product offering. This month we launched a brand new feature, for this very purpose.

You can now easily create a special offer or package in Springnest, publish it as a optimised landing page on your website, and promote it via your social media channels.

Some highlights we’re excited about:

Get your offers seen with the Promobar

Special Offers Promobar

What good is an offer if no one knows about it? Grab your website visitors’ attention and increase click-throughs to your offers. The promobar display as a floating tab, on all your pages. When clicked it reveals a feed of all your current specials and promotions.

Highlight value with Offer Hints

While a detailed description is important, it is crucial to communicate the purchase value of an offer to your visitors. Offer hints let you communicate a short and clear selling point for your offer (eg. “Save $2000”, “Get 20% off” or “Kids stay for free”).

A new design for Social Media Sharing

Social Sharing

Getting others to share your offers with their social circles is a powerful way to generate referral traffic to your website, not to mention direct bookings. Our new full screen social sharing design shifts the attention of your website visitors to recommend and share your offers.

Assign timeframes for offers

Easily set dates and timeframes for offers. The auto-hide setting will ensure that your offers aren’t visible on your website after they have expired.

Mobile Friendly Offers

Like the rest of your Springnest site, your special offers look beautiful on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Get started

Visit the the Help Centre for a tutorial on how to create your first offer

We believe that good marketing tools only work the way they should when businesses understand how to use them, and more importantly, why they should be. We love creating intuitive and understandable guides, tutorials, and how-to‘s for our clients, whether they are only starting out with their Facebook Page, or plotting a content strategy or campaign.

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