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New SEO features: Make your Website Search Engine Friendly

This month we added custom SEO settings to Springnest’s website editor. The new functionality makes it easy to set a series of attributes (including meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords and sitemap page priority) for individual pages. In a nutshell, we want to make it as intuitive for our clients to comply with best search engine optimization practices as it is to manage their online marketing content.

Springnest SEO Settings

Apart from complying with SEO website practices, it is crucial for independent tourism establishments to publish quality and relevant information on their businesses, destinations and local events. That’s why last month we announced the launch of Articles, which we believe will revolutionise they way in which tourism businesses publish and share blog articles and stories.

If you would like to know more about how Springnest can empower your busisness to be search engine friendly, contact us for a free consultation or website evaluation.

We believe that good marketing tools only work the way they should when businesses understand how to use them, and more importantly, why they should be. We love creating intuitive and understandable guides, tutorials, and how-to‘s for our clients, whether they are only starting out with their Facebook Page, or plotting a content strategy or campaign.

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