New Features and Products
New Features and Products

New Springnest Feature: Show off your TripAdvisor Performance with a Tab Widget

This month we added a new feature to Springnest, to help boost the presence of TripAdvisor on your website. In addition to the standard TripAdvisor widget that appears in your website’s sidebar, you can now easily add a floating TripAdvisor tab to the side of your site. When clicked, the tab shifts open, showing off your TripAdvisor marketing tools of choice – whether it be recent reviews, your ‘Bravo Badge’, or a hard earned Certificate of Excellence.

Why should I add this to my site?

Your TripAdvisor rating holds significant credibility. For those embracing it as as marketing tool, the new tab widget improves the visibility of your TripAdvisor performance:

  • It is visible on every page
  • It sticks to the side of the page, regardless of how far your visitors scroll down your site
  • It is discreet and offers freedom of choice

Visit the Help Centre for a guide on how to add yours

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