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Pinterest Introduces ‘Place Pins’ Feature: A Boost for the Travel Industry

Pinterest has recently added Place pins- a feature which allows users add location to their pins. Rolled out earlier this month, the new location feature is part of the media-sharing app’s push to drive integration and generate revenue.

With 750 million travel-related posts on the site already, the San Francisco based photo-sharing app is hoping the location tool could strengthen its ties with the travel industry. Pinterest launched the feature with a number of boards from travel sites, magazines and companies such as Lonely Planet and Nat Geo – to serve as examples on how they could be used. According to Pinterest Blog ” Place Pins, were designed to “combine all the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map and put it all online so you can share it with friends.”


In an effort to increase social influence, the location feature comes with Foursquare integration. Pinned destinations can be integrated through Foursquare for easy access to user photos, addresses and phone numbers.

Launched three years ago, the privately-owned platform currently has 70 million users worldwide. The Place Pins feature is available on Pinterest’s website and on the latest version of its mobile apps.

Implications for travel

The new feature will enable tourism businesses to market their destinations and products under one roof. With your images, contact details and location tied together, travel products can combine inspirational content about their destinations, offering potential clients specific and bookable products and experiences. If you’re looking to inspire travellers to consider your destination, Pin Places will allow you to do that.

Another powerful use of Place Pins could be to combine online sharing and conversation, with the concept of personalised travel and destination guides. Users will be able to create maps for friends visiting from out of town, or vacation spots they want to see, with the ability to comments, like and repin content, of course.


The new feature holds a powerful opportunity for DMO’s and hospitality groups who want to pin content from numerous travel products or properties, in numerous locations, under one brand. Great examples of this is Four Season Hotel Group’s Gastronomic Travel board or Visit Britain’s UK UNESCO sites board.

Lastly, the integration with Foursquare contact and address data create a channel for travellers to locate and contact travel products or service providers, directly from pinned content – a reminder for the travel industry that inspirational and quality online content will continue to play an increasingly important role in the travel booking process.

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