New Features and Products
New Features and Products

Springnest 2015 Recap: Features and Highlights

2015 was an interesting year. Online travel saw many new ideas, trends and opportunities come to life. At the same time, the core success factors of driving online bookings, remained as important as ever. Beautiful photographs, intuitive mobile experiences, and relevant, targeted and unique content, stood at the forefront of online marketing success this year.

Each year we look ahead and plan what we need to add, remove, improve, or reinvent at Springnest. 2015 was no exception. Our priority this year was to adapt our design framework to keep up with fast-moving web design trends, but most importantly, giving you to the tools and functionality to produce beautiful, useful, and goal-driven content on your website.

Here’s a quick recap:

Springnest Special Offers

Our biggest feature of the year, created by popular demand. Many businesses expressed their need to easily promote offers or packages on their sites, and to draw attention to them. Like Springnest Articles, Special Offers can also be shared straight to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

New Image Editor for Springnest Articles

Apart from galleries, we’ve added the functionality to effortlessly add images within your blog articles (also to choose their alignment and search engine tags). A useful and practical way to spice up those list posts and destination guides, as we’ve already seen on a number of recent articles.

Tutorial: Learn how to work with images in Articles

“Calls to Action” for Springnest Articles

The Call the Action feature helps you to conclude your blog articles, and direct your readers to take action – whether it is to book your product, send you feedback, write a review, or join your mailing list (among a tons of possibilities).

Tutorial: Boost your blog articles with a Call to Action

More Helpful SEO Settings

Google gives specific guidelines about the length of your Meta Titles and Descriptions for pages and articles on your website. We’ve added a character counter to help you stick to best practices.

Tutorial: Haven’t updated your SEO settings in a while? Give it a go

We’ve Reinvented Social Sharing on Springnest Sites

To encourage your visitors to share your website with their social circles, we’ve updated the social sharing buttons on all Springnest websites, to the new Sharing Centre – one action, prompting your visitors to share your content to the social media networks of their choice, in a simple, full screen view.

A More Flexible Menu Builder

Apart from changing the order of pages , we’ve made it easier to change the names of pages as they appear in your website’s menu, as well as the ability to hide pages from your website’s menu entirely.

Tutorial: Learn how to manage your website’s menu

Bits and Bobs

Smaller, additional features and improvements include a new map page category for Services, the current weather widget, and general performance enhancements, ensuring that your Springnest site is fast and secure.

Here’s a big thanks from the Springnest Team for another successful and exciting year, and we raise our glasses to our biggest and best year yet – 2016.

Help us build a more powerful Springnest – Tell us what you want (it will take 2 to 3 minutes).

Happy holidays, keep learning,

Peter and Niel

We believe that good marketing tools only work the way they should when businesses understand how to use them, and more importantly, why they should be. We love creating intuitive and understandable guides, tutorials, and how-to‘s for our clients, whether they are only starting out with their Facebook Page, or plotting a content strategy or campaign.

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