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Springnest feature update: do more with map pages

We’ve seen some amazing and creative use cases for Springnest map pages over the past couple of years. From neighborhood guides in Sao Paolo, to the locations of trees planted through a hotel’s conservation initiative. This month we shift our attention back to your client, the traveller, and how we can improve their experience when visiting your website. The following updates are now available on all Springnest sites:

Improved map marker design

We’ve refreshed the look of map markers to match recent trends of flat design, and updated the icons for some of the categories.


Two new marker categories

We’ve taken a closer look at how you currently use the available map categories, and based on that, added two brand new ones: “Wildlife” and “Sport and Recreation”.


Add more information to your markers

When building your map in Springnest, you now have the ability to add formatted text for each marker, and optionally link each marker to a page, or external website.


Learn How to add markers to your map page

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