New Features and Products
New Features and Products

Springnest Feature Update: Show off your Instagram Feed

Instagram has got all the ingredients of an effective marketing tool for your tourism business: it’s mobile, it’s visual, it’s got a massive (and growing) potential audience for your brand, and it supports photo and video content. With Springnest’s new integration, we’ve made it simple to leverage the value of your Instagram posts on your website, in a strategic way.

Serve your website visitors with realtime, inspirational content

Instagram content is usually different from the photos and videos your website visitors will find on your home page, room pages, and tour pages. In its nature, your Instagram feed is useful for sharing video testimonials, special offers, and experience-driven photos by your guests. Displaying this on your website creates a powerful blend of professional and personalised content.


Inspire, without driving visitors away

The more links you have driving visitors away from your site, the bigger the risk of losing them as bookers. On your website, your Instagram content should inspire your visitors to book, not drive them away to your Instagram feed. For this reason the new integration enlarges your Instagram posts in a pop-up, without sending tour visitors away from your site.

Running a #campaign?

Apart from showing the latest posts from your business’ Instagram profile, you also have the option to show the latest posts tagged with a specific hashtag.


Adding your Instagram feed to your Springnest website

Visit the Help Centre for a tutorial on how to add yours

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