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Springnest in 2014 – Looking Back

As we’re about to wave goodbye to a massive year for the Springnest team, and as the busy season has kicked off for the majority of our clients, we want to take a minute to share and celebrate some of 2014’s best moments.

Lessons Learned

Growth and innovation are paired with change, decisions, and more often than not, challenges. Here’s what we learned this year:

  • The online marketing ‘eco system’ for tourism businesses (especially in Africa) is not becoming any simpler. In fact, with a growth in mobile, social media, and traveller behaviour trends, it is becoming more segmented. Luckily we have got you covered with exciting and powerful new Springnest features coming your way in 2015.
  • The lack of efficient connectivity and Wifi infrastructure is still a big barrier for clients operating in developing regions. This has motivated us to make Springnest as fast and lean as possible.
  • Establishing healthy and meaningful partnerships is really important, for any business. We are thankful to have experienced this first hand (more on that below).

Highlights We Are Proud Of

  • In March, we joined forces with the wonderful folk at NightsBridge, working on a complete marketing and sales solution for Africa’s tourism trade.
  • We launched Springnest sites for clients across five countries, and across five Provinces in South Africa. Our client base grew with over 300%.
  • We heard some of the best stories in tourism, told by our clients through Springnest Articles.
  • We launched the Help Centre as a growing tool for clients, empowering them to become better marketers.
  • We had a blast manning the first Springnest stand at Indaba in Durban.
  • We had a chance to share Springnest’s vision with industry players at the E-Tourism Africa Summit (ETAS), held in Cape Town.

What To Expect From 2015

  • A priority for 2015 is to spend more time listening to the specific needs of our clients, and to grow Springnest in such a way that we fulfil those needs as far as possible.
  • More design options and themes.
  • A more strategic and streamlined integration with NightsBridge.
  • More guides, tips, and tricks from the Springnest Blog and Help Centre.

Thank You For The Support

A mammoth THANK YOU to our partners, friends, and most of all, our clients. Here’s to an even bigger 2015.


We believe that good marketing tools only work the way they should when businesses understand how to use them, and more importantly, why they should be. We love creating intuitive and understandable guides, tutorials, and how-to‘s for our clients, whether they are only starting out with their Facebook Page, or plotting a content strategy or campaign.

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