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Springnest in 2016 – Looking Back (and what to expect from 2017)

As we bid farewell to the last weeks of a busy 2016, most Springnest clients are in the first sprint of their busiest season of the year. We’d like to take a couple of minutes to celebrate some highlights from 2016, share exciting plans for next year, and say thank you for spending another fantastic year with us.

2016 Highlights

New Springnest tools and features

Each year we build and release new features and functionality, to ensure that you stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, and to honour our commitment of offering increased value for your Springnest subscription. Here are the most popular feature updates from 2016:

New ways to learn. Easier ways to find Help.

Apart from big upgrades to the Help Centre, we implemented a new contact and chat tool, making it easier than ever to get personalised guidance while working in Springnest.

We grew in numbers

In November, we welcomed Lily Padiachy to the team as our new Customer Success Agent.

We crossed borders

Tourism professionals from Brazil, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, and Germany chose Springnest to host, manage, and market their websites and content.

Reasons to get excited for 2017

A better understanding of your website’s traffic and performance

In our last survey we asked you which new feature(s) you would find most valuable. At the top of the list, for most clients who responded, was a simple way to track the volume, source, and quality of website traffic to their Springnest sites.

Early next year, we’ll be revealing the first version of an intuitive tool to get a snapshot of your website’s traffic and performance.

The Content Guru Directory

Launching early 2017, our Guru Directory will connect you to the hottest hand-picked writers, photographers, SEO consultants, social media managers and more.

New design options

Apart from new integrations, we’ll be releasing a series of new design options and combinations.

Thank you

We’d like to thank our partners, friends, and most of all, our clients for making 2016 the eventful and successful journey it has been. Here’s to a massive 2017.


Co-Founder of Springnest, writes about marketing advice, company news, new features, and future plans.

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