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The Launch of Instagram Ads and What it Means for Travel Businesses

Instagram recently announced the rollout of advertising on its social network. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing application made the announcement using a sample advertisement placed directly in user’s feeds.

The advertisement outlined the selling of ads, the use content , and how users could respond to advertisements on the website. Open enrolment for this new addition on Instagram has not been made public yet, with only ten brands invited to participate.

The implication for travel brands

Instagram has placed great emphasis on the quality of content used to sell ads. The social network has installed a plug-in that allows users to hide ads they do not find interesting. To ensure the visibility of their ads, travel businesses need to push shareable high quality content.

To encourage the use of high quality content, Instagram has prevented businesses from using user-generated content for advertisement. If you want to push relevant content on your travel business’s Instagram account, you’ll need to rely on your own creativity.

Like other social networks, relevant content carries more traction on Instagram. Before you post ads on Instagram, it is important to gain a deep understanding of trends and demographics of your audience. If you share relevant content, your ads are likely to be shared by your followers.

Lastly, Instagram has not made it clear how they plan to use the ads. The social network may only invite businesses with content of the highest quality. This could mean that businesses with mediocre content could slide down the pecking order.

Conclusion: If travel businesses want to take full advantage of Instagram ads, they need to ensure high quality, targeted, inspirational content, backed by an understanding of their audience’s preferences.

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