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Things look different around here. Introducing the new Help Centre, Springnest Blog, and more

We’re serious about continuously making things easier and better at Springnest. Sometimes that means adding things, sometimes it means taking things away. Every now and then it means completely reinventing ourselves, so we can create a more powerful product, for you.

We’re ecstatic to share the first of a series of updates, that will shape the way you use and benefit from your Springnest in in the months to come.

A new identity

We can’t inspire and push businesses to evolve and adapt to the times, if we don’t walk the talk ourselves. Over the past 3 years we’ve learned a lot about who we are as a product and a brand, and how we want to be perceived by our users and industry piers. With that in mind, we’ve recreated Springnest’s identity, voice, and brand assets over the past few months. We’ve also redefined our values, which you can read more about on the about section of our new website.




A new and improved Help Centre

The Springnest Help Centre has a new look, but more importantly, now also offers live support in Springnest’s backend. Click the Help bubble in the bottom right corner and search for guides without disrupting your workflow.

*Based on the feedback from our client survey from December and January, we’ll start adding video tutorials for the most popular topics in the Help Centre through the coming weeks.


The new Springnest blog

If you’re reading this, you’re looking at our new blog! Resources and posts are only as helpful as they are easy to find, so we’ve re-looked the layout of the blog, as well as the categories and themes we write about. You can now browse how-to’s and tips under a very specific list of categories, including how to Increase website traffic, how to boost direct bookings, online reputation, and social media.

Your feedback is crucial, and we want more of it

If you have already completed our client survey, thank you! If not, please consider taking two to 3 minutes to tell us what you need from Springnest in the coming year, and help us prioritise our product roadmap.

Complete the survey (5 mins max)

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  • Magda Campher

    Your new blog looks great, easy to read and I like the links. Just checked the help bubble out now on my management centre. I imagine this means you will not be bombarded with my e-mails anymore – a win win situation with you dealing with help issues on one platform and for me to know that there is an immediate answer to a question, but still have the option to mail for futher assistance.

    • Thank you for the feedback Magda. Yes we believe that the new help desk and support feature will be a positive addition for all clients, and in our recent client survey there was demand for better support and articles within Springnest. More to come in an exciting 2016 🙂 Peter