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Twitter launches Vine – Travel Businesses Take Note

This week Twitter launched Vine, a mobile-based app that allows users to share 6 second stop-motion videos.

The stand-alone app currently acts as it’s own social network and makes sharing your videos to Twitter and Facebook easy (much like an Instagram for video).

How it works:

Vine let’s users record up to 6 seconds of video by tapping their device’s screen, adding as many scenes as they can fit in. The app stitches the scenes together, building a seamless, shareable video. From there captions, statuses and hash tags are added before publishing it to social networking accounts.

Sound is also recorded with all the clips and can be switched on and off by viewers.

Here’s an example posted by Rob Carter (@RACarter)

The implications for travel

In short: Vine further pushes the simplicity and ease of creating and sharing tangible user-generated travel content. Your guests now have the ability to share a rich new type of visual experience that falls somewhere between static images and large video files.

Other than guests now having a fun new medium to capture and share their ‘version’ of your product or destination, we believe that Vine produces some exciting new opportunities for social marketing campaigns within the tourism industry.

In conclusion:

The network is still in infancy, making it hard to say exactly how it will influence and change the travel marketing spectrum. As far as we are concerned Vine possesses all the qualities of an important online tourism marketing medium: it’s visual, it’s shareable, it’s mobile and it tells real stories.

We’d love to get your thoughts on Vine or even see some videos produced by our followers, please share below.

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